Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A much-needed vacation, with photos

I've received many inquires from my faithful blog readers about why I haven't posted in over two weeks. My excuse, dear readers, is a visitor from the States and vacation. Not much time was left to post, I have to admit!

It meant a lot to be able to share my life here with someone from my life before I came to Colombia: to show him just how muddy the trail to our village is, how sweet the coffee is, how gorgeous the sunsets over the mountains are. We then spent a week traveling on Colombia's gorgeous Caribbean coast, lying on white sand beaches, eating arepas de queso (the best street food ever, I think), exploring the beautiful walled Spanish-colonial city of Cartagena...

So, for your viewing pleasure, are some photos of my recent travels; perhaps they will serve to entice you to visit as well!
a typically colorful Cartagena block

me amidst the bouganvilla in Cartagena
Taganga, a little fishing village near Santa Marta where we spent a couple days

a tourist chiva, though chivas are also used for normal people in Colombia still

fishing boats in Taganga- love the name of this boat!

a gorgeous sunset in Tayrona National Park

a typical day in Tayrona National Park - not too shabby, huh?


Robin M. said...

oooh, arepas de queso. My mouth waters just reading the words. I wonder if I can find something similar in the bay area. There must be.

J to the D said...

Ahhh, makes me want to travel!!!!

Bob said...

Moira's even more beautiful than Colombia! :-)