Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas card from Colombia

Happy Holidays from Colombia!

My Christmas this year will be quite a change from the christmas-cookie-eating, presents-under-a-decorated-fir-tree Christmases to which I'm accustomed in the States. Instead, I'll be spending the holiday season eating natilla (a sweet corn pudding made with milk, cinnamon, cheese, and often coconut) and buñuelos (cheesy balls of fried dough), and dancing the nights away to vallenato (accordian-based Colombian pop music). As much as I'm already enjoying the start of those festivities, my teammates and I remain on alert. December tends to be one of the most violent months in this region: members of the legal and illegal armed groups are anxious and on edge because they'd rather be home with their families, and the attention of human rights offices of the government and other such agencies is often elsewhere as folks head off on vacation for the holidays. So far things have been calm, however, and we hope that continues.

And some New Year news for you: not only will I be transitioning to FOR's office in Bogota in the late spring, but I have agreed to extend my contract with FOR through the end of November 2009 – and perhaps longer. It's crazy to think about not returning home until nearly 2010, but I'm excited to take on new and additional responsibilities and challenges, like training new accompaniers, leading delegations, meeting with embassy officials, etc. Also, I will be back in the States for a visit in June or July, so keep your calendars open!

Last but not least, during this season of giving, I ask you to consider supporting me and the work I am doing in Colombia by donating to the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Your tax-deductible contribution would help pay for travel, insurance, living expenses, communication, and office support for me and my teammates, as well as supporting our work to provide support and visibility for the Peace Community.

I send abrazos grandes (big hugs) all the way from Colombia, and wish you a very Happy Holidays.

With love and peace,



Emily said...

Hi Moira!

So Pete and I are off to Joshua Tree tomorrow and thinking about you a lot since this will be our first New Years without you since 2003-04....crazy! Hope all is well and wishing you peace and joy in 2009!

Emily said...

That was from Emily

hehe xoxo