Saturday, February 14, 2009

My commute

Since I arrived in the Peace Community, I've wanted to post about my commute - to demonstrate with photos just what it means for me to get home from the nearest town. So, the other day my new teammate Peter and I took photos as we hiked home, lugging backpacks filled with the week's groceries. Take note that by "nearest town" I'm not talking any kind of metropolis - if i want internet access and an actual restaurant, I have to take a 45 minute jeep ride on a dirt road in addition to this hike!

minute 2: just outside of town, crossing a little creek

minute 14: carefully balancing on a log-crossing

minute 23: crossing the first river

minute 32: on a long stretch of path

minute 35: a muddy patch

minute 37: a dark patch; reminds me of Lord of the Rings or something

minute 39: second river crossing

minute 48: opening a cow-barrier gate

minute 57: my favorite spot on the trail

minute 65: climbing up a steep patch

minute 73: a pasture - usually there are cows here

minute 80: the gate into La Unión

minute 84: HOME!

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Emily said...

I like that you added the minutes :)